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Pylontech UP2500 24V, 2.8kWh Lithium Ion Battery -PAYABLE IN TWO MONTHS !!!


CASH – $1290 | PAYMENT PLAN – $720 X 2 MONTHS 

Good News! This product is eligible for the Infinity Solar “Let There Be Light” Program

Program details:

  • You will be required to complete and sign an Acknowledgment Of Debt Form
  • Please bring a copy of your ID, which will be photographed.
  • You will receive the product upon paying the deposit.
  • The remaining balance will be due the following month on or before the day you purchased the product.
  • Download and read carefully our Operating Terms and Conditions
  • This product is also available in a 3KVA package payable in 12 months

CASH - $1290 | PAYMENT PLAN - $720 X 2 MONTHS 

Finish up paying while you you use the battery!

Pylon US2500 CAN - Voltage 24V

Nominal Wh 2840

6000 Cycles at 80%

Comes with CAN communication.

RS485 communication supports Voltronic 24V inverter

CAN  communication supports Victron 24V inverter

Supports maximum 20 pcs in parallel connection

Key battery parameters setting:

  • Charging cut off voltage point: 28.4VDC
  • Discharging cut off voltage point: 24.8VDC
  • Recommend charge/discharge current = 55A * N  (N=Number of parallel batteries)
  • Other settings are basically same as the 48V system