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Infinity Solar High-End 5KVA System


The signature Infinity Solar system. Our most popular pick which gives you true robust 5KW performance. Configurable to true 5KW panel input backed up by the best lithium battery on the market the Blue Nova DU RacPower. Expandable to up to 50kw.

High-end 5kva system comprised of

  • At least 6x420W Canadian Ku Max panel
  • 1x5Kw Hybrid inverter
  • 1x5.2KW Daily Use Blue Nova Lithium Ion Battery
  • Installation and accessories

Ideal for all home use including borehole, multiple fridges, gate, electric fense and kitchen appliances. More batteries and panels recommended in an off-grid set-up. We are proud to offer the best lithium Ion battery on the market.

Starts at $3600 for the lite version and $4820 for the high-end version. Call or chat with us now to learn how you can put 25% down for installation then finish the rest in 3 months.