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Infinity Solar High-End 3KVA System


Get yourself a solar system that combines a powerful panel array, hybrid inverter technology and reliable battery storage. All backed up by the Infinity Solar after-sales support and 12 months warranty.

High-end 3kva system comprised of

  • 4x420W Canadian Ku Max panel
  • 1x3Kw Hybrid inverter
  • 2x200AH Allgrand Gel Battery
  • Installation and accessories

Ideal for lights charging, entertainment, fridge. The system is capable of taking over daytime load on solar meaning you only use electricity at night.  More batteries and panels recommended in an off-grid set-up. A borehole can be run on the system with the addition of a driver that costs $160. More appliances like kettle and ironing also possible with the addition of extra panels and batteries.

Starts at $1525 for the lite version and $2300 for the high-end version. Call or chat with us now to learn how you can put 50% down for installation then finish the rest in 4 months.