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Infinity Solar 1KVA System (No payment terms)


This system comes with:
1x400W Canadian Ku Max panel
1x1Kw Hybrid inverter (MUST)
1x200AH Allgrand Gel Battery
Installation and accessories
You can download the complete 1KVA quote here

The 1KVA package is recommended for those who just want to have a small system for lighting and charging. However, the gel batteries are not the best batteries. A more durable option would be the lithium ion. You are not sure what’s the difference between the two types? Then click here to read our explanation.

Lithium-ion batteries that connect to a 1KVA are known as 12V lithium-ion batteries, which are hard to get and we do not have them. So if you want to consider a system with a lithium battery then we recommend our 3kVA which costs $2270 cash and is payable on terms as $1500 down for installation and $850 the next month.