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Infinity Solar 5KVA System – Blue Carbon


You can get this package by paying cash $3990 or on payment terms as $2000 down for installation and $1150 x 2 months 

This 5kva system comprised of

  • 6x400W JA/Canadian Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • 1x5Kw MUST Hybrid inverter (Growatt and Phocos available)
  • 1×4.8KW Blue Carbon Lithium Ion Battery
  • Installation and accessories

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During the day this system will perform just like our other 5kVA systems. It will be able to power two fridges, lights, TV, booster pump, 0.75HP borehole etc.  However, at night this battery might offer inferior perfomance compared to the REVOV, PylonTech and Blue Nova. This is a new battery on the market, so we don’t have enough data on its perfomance. Specifically, we don’t know how it would handle powering a fridge at night and our advice is you only use this system as backup.

You can also consider the same system with different and more robust brand of lithium-ion batteries like the Blue Nova which costs $2600, REVOV which costs $2050 and PylonTech which goes for $2100. Payment terms are also more flexible for packages with those systems.

If this sounds expensive, then check out our 3kVA systems which start as low as $2200 and also payable on terms.

This system can be turned into a 10kva by connecting two systems together, so they work as one.

To get this 5kVA on payment terms:

  • You will be required to complete and sign an Acknowledgment Of Debt Form
  • Please bring a copy of your ID, which will be photographed.
  • You will receive the product upon paying the deposit.
  • The remaining balance will be due the following month on or before the day you purchased the product.
  • Download and read carefully our Operating Terms and Conditions