About Us

At Infinity Solar we believe that access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy isn’t a luxury but a universal human right. With that principle as our guiding force, we are the leading provider of residential and commercial solar systems. We have gone to great lengths in research and planning in order to provide superior products at affordable prices. Utilizing an innovative decentralized approach to solar sales means we have experienced technicians in all major cities across Zimbabwe ready to install your system and offer post-sales support. And of course, our referral-based installment service means you can budget for the solar system of your dreams and pay up at a rate that will not leave your bank account bleeding.

Founded in 2014, Infinity Solar has provided renewable energy solutions to customers with a variety of needs throughout its history. Our range of solar energy solutions, expertise and geographic coverage has grown steadily over 6 years to match the needs of our customers. It began with a onetime project to provide solar lanterns to students in rural Honde Valley. Today, Infinity Solar specializes in off-grid, gridtied and backup solar systems for residential and commercial clients. We continue to grow, signing new dealer agreements with leading solar equipment manufacturers, and attracting top talent to ensure that the race to sustainable development Goa 7 by 2030 is a success in Zimbabwe, and Africa at large.

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